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DIY Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

This is a beginners tutorial on how to carve a pumpkin using a printable template. I picked the hardest design to cut out that we have for download. Not that any of our designs are super difficult! The results were good considering no power tools were used and this was my second pumpkin carving ever.


  • Pumpkin Carving Tools
  • Pumpkin (Real or Styrofoam)
  • Tape
  • Printed Template
  • Dremel (optional)

Step 1:

Gather your set of pumpkin carving tools from a pumpkin carving set. Pumpkn carving set and patterns are easily purchasable at craft stores. If you don't want to purchase a set, try using a thumbtack and exacto knife or small serrated blade. Finally, prepare area for cutting and pumpkin guts. This tutorial uses a sytrofoam pumpkin,bought at a craft store so it will last year after year. I would recommend using a dremel if you're experienced with cutting objects with it.

Step 2:

Cut a hole in the top of pumpkin making sure to leave a notch so there is always a way to properly put the top in. If it's a real pumpkin clean the insides out and leave a hole in the top to vent smoke.

Step 3:

Tape your pattern onto the pumpkin. It is very hard to take any pumpkin template and tape it to a pumpkin. Cutting slits on the side might make it easier to fold it onto the surface.

Step 4:

Poke holes on the pattern with the poker tool. It is not necessary to put very deep holes in the pumpkin. The holes are used as a dotted line to tell where to cut on the pumpkin surface. It is always best to create smaller areas to cut out with the holes instead of large ones if you are having a hard time tracing a pattern.

Step 5:

After you are done poking holes in the pumpkin begin cutting out the pumpkin. Start from the inside and work out. Use a dremel or any hand power tools at your disposal. If you don't have any hand power tools use a pumpkin carving kife or seradded edge.