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About Us

Founded in 2012, Vintage Beistle has become an integral part of the vintage holiday collectables community with a rich history and an exciting new future. Vintage Beistle looks to gain a reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction.


There has always been a significant market for Vintage Beistle products. There are numerous website and blogs on the internet that are solely dedicated to selling and reselling of discontinued Beistle products. People are so obsessed with the nostalgia of these items that Vintage Beistle products are fetching for several hundred dollars on eBay. Collectors have even showed up at our front doors simply to take a glimpse at our vintage items in The Beistle Company’s archives. There are plenty of sites dedicated to vintage holiday decorations and it is about time we reintroduce our vintage reproductions of our most sought after collections online only. Vintage Beistle hopes to infuse your heart with the mysterious colors of orange and black once again.

The products we will be developing are actual reproductions of popular items in the Beistle line from many years ago. Most of the art designs selected are truly “vintage” and are between the years of 1920’s and 1950’s. Most of the items we selected to be reproduced were popular items in the past and are the most sought after vintage decorations today. People will remember these historic designs from grade school and continue to collect vintage collectibles to this day.

We decided to create reproductions of the Vintage Halloween line first, since the Beistle Company had been largest producers of Halloween decorations since the 1920s. Halloween has always been a big holiday season for the Beistle Company. The Beistle Company had the foresight many years ago to archive every item ever produced. When picking out which products to reintroduce, we viewed pieces hardly ever seen, items deemed unmarketable, and others not ever seen to the public. We planned to use most of these designs and popular designs to create the vintage Beistle line. This was an exhausting undertaking and we hope you like the reproduction items we are bringing back!

The Future

As each season progresses and as the vintage reproduction line increases, we will expand the Vintage Beistle product line accordingly. Other popular holiday themes we plan to introduce are Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter. Because we understand vintage collecting is a year round hobby.

The other products that Vintage Beistle has decided on producing are new products that use the old vintage artwork. Items were selected that had great artistic and intrinsic value. The designs were reproduced to make modern items such as beads, paper plates, napkins, and Peel ‘N Place decals.